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Follow these 5 Steps on how to get yours covered by insurance!

Portable oxygen concentrators may be covered by insurance and Medicare, which makes getting a Portable oxygen concentrator as easy as using an Inogen. All you need to do is follow these five easy steps:

  1. Allow one of our trained professionals to check your eligibility with your private insurance company or with Medicare.
  2. When your eligibility is determined, our staff will coordinate with your doctor to determine which Inogen model best meets your needs. We’ll also make sure all the paperwork is in order.
  3. You begin living again – really living – when your Inogen system is delivered to your home with a backup oxygen supply.
  4. Once your Inogen is up and running, one of our nurses or respiratory therapists will check your oxygen level and ensure that your device is working the way you need it to work.
  5. Complete the paperwork and you will then be on service with Inogen and part of our growing family.

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